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Mahathir Refers US Dollars as Toilet Paper

Tun Dr. Mahathir on his – Blogging to unblock wrote an entry entitled “The Ringgit and the Dollar” on current US dollar crisis.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
^ Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia 1981 – 2003.

“13. To remain ahead in wealth the Americans and Europeans invented a new market – the money market. They invented ways of making money from money. These they call products although they cannot be eaten or used.”

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Third Series of Malaysian Coins, in Detailed Comparison

In this post, we will investigate in details our 3rd series coins. This is in response to my previous post, 10 facts about Malaysia’s new 3rd series coins. I will share with you how I discover my facts.
^ I was at Bank Negara yesterday to check out the new coins first handed

The engineering of my facts are simply breaking down the metal content of the coin in percentage and matches it with current metal market price. Four metals are involved in today’s baking lesson. They are namely Nickel, Copper, Zinc and Stainless Steel. Sadly, none of them are in the precious metals group.

Let’s crunch some numbers.

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10 Facts About Malaysia’s New 3rd Series Coins

New Malaysian coins
^ Image from website.
Today, we welcome the news from Bank Negara that we will be having a new set of coins to replace our current aged design. I took the effort to investigate and compare the newer coins with our existing coins and found some interesting facts. Below are the 10 facts I found interesting and that all Malaysian should know.

10 facts about the 3rd series Malaysian coins

Fact #1: 50 sen shrinks 39.3% in weight.

Fact #2: 5 sen gain 21.9% in weight.

Fact #3: 50 and 20 sen have Nickel Brass content.

Fact #4: 5 sen is the only one gain in diameter with 9.4% gain.

Fact #5: 1 sen is officially retired.

Fact #6: Stainless steels are now our new 5 and 10 sen.

Fact #7: 100% nickel 50 sen is still 20% off its face value.

Fact #8: None of it has metal value that matches it’s face value.

Fact #9: None of it has value higher than the previous coins.

Fact #10: None of it has any precious metals in it.

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Transformers Silver Coins has landed in Malaysia

TransformersIf you are a fan of Transformers, you might be interested in these. Yes, not only does dark moon has Transformers, Perth Mint Australia has them too! You can order them directly at Perth Mint’s website.

It cost AUD$299 to buy them today. Convert that to with today’s rate against Australian dollar of 3.25, it’s about RM971.75. You can have them directly shipped to your Malaysian address but it’s subject to 5% import and 10% sales tax (approx RM145.76). With that, your total cost rounds up to RM1,117.5. That’s about RM372.5 for one piece of Optimus Prime coin.
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Which Silver Bar to Buy in Malaysia?

So that now you have decided to buy silver bars for your investment and yet you are stuck at another cross road.

“With so many types of silver bars in the market, which one should I buy”

Silver BarsTo answer the above question, it is best that we look into what’s available in our market. Not all silver bars are made equal. I have noticed a few particular brands are more popular here than others. Over the course of my own research, I have summarized that the following silver bars are among Malaysian’s favourites.

They are:

PAMP Suisse Bars – The Royce Rolls

PAMP Suisse Silver BarIf you must know, PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, which in French means artistic, precious metals products. With that alone, it’s worth the extra dollar. Not only is the PAMP Suisse bar one of the most popular bullion in the world, it is also one which carries a very high premium.

While a generic silver bar may sells at around 2-4 dollars above spot price, PAMP Suisse bars are sold at 20 dollars above spot price. They don’t call her the Royce Rolls of silver bars for nothing. Buy in bundles of 25s, and the ladies will come with a nice outer box.

… and that lady in the bar, her name is Lady Fortuna.

Official website:

Scottsdale Silver Bars – The Stackers

Scottsdale Silver

Scottsdale Silver bars are easily recognisable by their distinctive lion logo on all their bars. They are made in USA with prefectionist manufacturing. Portion of their silver are recovered thru recycling activities from the photography and manufacturing industry.

Undoubtedly, “The Stacker” would be Scottsdale Silver’s signature product. Scottsdale Silver’s “The Stacker” stacks nicely ontop of each other making it easy, neat and space-saving for storage. Stackers come in various weight: “The Stacker (10oz)”, “The Kilo Stacker (1kg)” and “The King Stacker (100oz)”. All are authorized for use in IRA by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and are ISO-9000-2008 certified.

Think IRA (Individual Retirement Account) as the American’s version of KWSP. Americans has the option to buy precious metals as part of their government backed retirement plan.

Official website:
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