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How much is’s Silver?

To know the answer, we will need to examine silver pricing above spot. Calculating the above spot price for is as easy as UPSR’s mathematics. It is simple mainly because all your needed ingredients are clearly visible from website.

Calculate's margin
^ Information captured from’s website on 30th Nov 2011 4:15am

Let’s do a quick calculation on’s silver price. Bring out your Einstein thinking cap. We are going back to class.
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Bank Negara Releases Gold and Silver Coins for the 50th Anniversary of WWF

Collectors! This is a news for you guys!

Bank Negara has just recently released gold, silver and nordic gold commemorative coins in conjunction of the 50th Anniversary of World Wide Fund for Nature. All three comes in limited mintage and would be a great collector item.

1. Gold Commemorative Coin (proof)

This coin is as good as a gold bullion coin as it is made out of 999.9 fine gold. It weighs 7.96 grams which is approximately 0.256 troy ounce. It has a face value of RM100 and is yours for RM1,800. Mintage quantity is limited to 250 pieces.

Bank Negara WWF Coins
^ Gold Commemorative Coin with RM100 face value
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Tomei brings in

Tomei recently launched to sell investment grade gold and silver bullion online. This is something exciting to silver investors in Malaysia!
^ Screen capture from’s mainpage on 26th Nov 2011

Currently, they offer gold and silver bullion from PAMP Sussie and their own house brand Twin Tower. It is stated in their website that they will be offering Canadian Maples and Perth Mint Kangaroos too.
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InvestSilverMalaysia is Moving Server

Update 26-Nov-2011: We have completed our migration. is now running on a spanking new dedicated server. Everything seems to be ticking correctly. Do feedback to us if you have any trouble accessing our website. Your feedback is worth a million bucks to us. Thanks!

Update 25-Nov-2011: Our primary development HDD’s crashed. Dell’s rescue team will arrive next Tuesday onward. We at have no choice but to extend the migration period to settle these misfortunes. Please bare with us.

Update 21-Nov-2011: will take a week off regular posting to give ways for server migration. We are working hard to solve the domain issue from root up. Stay tune.


Herd Mentality: The Asch Experiment

About one and a half week back, I wrote an article on Herd Mentality. Check out this hilarious video below on a classic experiment called The Asch Experiment on herding.

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