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Europe’s Biggest Vault Opens

With the recent record breaking of consecutive 12 year rise in Gold prices, it is no surprise with the recent development in increasing investment in storage facilities.  We have today, off-shore storage hired storage, private vaults, and even home outdoors solutions.  Barclays Plc, recently opened the Europe’s Biggest Vault, adding to the list.

^ Barclays, one of the world’s largest bank

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Broke: QE4-Ever with USD$85b/month

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced they will further do people good by launching the fourth round of Quantitative Easing (“QE4”). They turbo-charged the printing press to run at speed of USD$45 billion a month.

^ Federal Reserve will continue to the economy until problem solve

That’s $85 billion a month

Previously, we have QE3 which open-endedly buys USD$40 billion a month worth of toxic mortgage backed securities. Having both QE3 and QE4 (USD$45 billion/month) running simultaneously, we have Fed flooding the market with USD$85 billion per month.

Running it for just a year will add USD$1.02 trillion of new debt onto its already massive USD$16 trillion national debt.

Only in USA, the “big brother” of all economy has this power to create money out from nothing.

To get out from a grave, stop digging

Fed Reserve is just doing the opposite. Big brother is trying to help US citizen from its graving enonomy by digging into more debt.

The following is the official press statement from Federal Reserve.
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Inflation is Compounding Interest Working Against You

In this article, I am going to illustrate to you how compounding interest works and how is it stealing your money at an exponentiation rate without you even knowing it.

What is Compounding Interest

Ringgit and Money Compounding interest means repeating the process of generating income on interest earn over a period of time.
For instance: RM100k principal cash into fix deposit for 20 years with an annual interest of 3%.

For the first year, your fix deposit will generating 3%. This will get you RM3,000 interest from your RM100,000 principle you initially put down. Upon maturity, renew contract again for another year but this time, instead of just RM100,000 – lay down RM103,000 (RM100,000 + interest generated from previous year) as principle.

By year two, you will have RM3,090 interest (RM103,000.00 X 3% = RM3,090). We have generated a noticeable amount of RM90 more in interest earned comparing to your first year. You now have RM106,090 (RM103,000 + RM3,090). Repeat the process of renewing your FD for the next 18 years.

So, how much will you be getting back? Give it a random estimate. Answer will be coming right up next!
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Silver Panda 2013

The Chinese government began striking Silver Chinese Pandas in 1983 (Gold in 1982). 2013 marks the 30th edition of the Panda Silver Coin Series mint by the People’s Bank of China (proper name for the Central Bank of China).  No silver Pandas were issued in 1986.

Panda 1983
^ The first Silver Panda, Panda 1983

In 1983 that 10,000 Proof Silver Pandas were minted.  The coin had a 10 Yuan denomination. It weighed 27 Grams of 90% Silver purity. Compare that silver weight and purity to today’s 31.1 Grams (or 1 troy ounce) of .999 Silver Pandas. [Read more →]


Testing Silver Purity with FEDMAS Assay

Testing for gold purity can be done by sending it to your nearby goldsmiths or jewelry retail shops.  However, testing the purity of your silver coins or bars may not be so simple.  Let us share the steps involved in having an assay office to test silver coins or bars.

FEDMAS Assay Office Sdn Bhd had a rapid assessment of metal products.  They have 3 offices in Malaysia, namely in Johor Bahru, KL and Penang as their main office.  They are able to test for gold and silver purity.  For more details, go to FEDMAS website.

We will share with your our experience having our “Scottsdale ‘The One’ 1oz Silver Bar” tested by the branch in KL.  It is advisable to call in advance to make an appointment for your test.  We were advised that the KL branch prefers afternoon period for walk-ins.

^ Located along Jalan Kelang Lama

Location of the KL branch is along Jalan Kelang Lama, behind Wisma Rockwills.  You will have to come from PJ direction, slow down when you reach the Esso Petrol Station and turn left immediately after the Police Station.  Do take note as this junction is easily missed, because it is blocked by many cars parked by the kerbside.  Be warned that finding a parking spot near the office is just as good as striking a lottery, patience will be tested.
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