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New Product: Scottsdale Silver Quarter Oz Round

Scottsdale Silver is introducing 1/4 (Quarter) Troy Ounce +.999 Fine Silver Round this coming March. We got the first hand news ahead of the public from Scottsdale Silver directly as we are Scottsdale Silver’s authorized dealer in Malaysia.

Scottsdale Silver Quarter Oz Round
^ New Quarter Oz Rounds from Scottsdale Silver

The frontal carries the Scottsdale Silver’s signature lion head emblem while the back is marked with a 1/4 sign. The Quarter Scottsdale Rounds are available in tubes of 20 pieces (5 Troy oz per tube). Quarter troy ounce is 7.777 grams in weight.
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History Channel for Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed

If you are an Astro subcriber with History Channel (Channel 555), tonight you may want to spare an hour to watch the documentary on the world’s safest safe. Astro is bringing Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed at 8pm tonight via History Channel.

For those who have no clues on Fort Knox, think of it as the world’s safe deposit box, with 147.3 million ounces of gold in it [1].

^ Snippets from History Channel’s Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed

It holds a lot of consipiracy when it comes to the real amount of gold residing in it. Fort Knox has never been auditted and Ron Paul has been pressing the authority over and over again to open up it’s vault for stock checking. He worried that the government has secretly sold off part of the stockpile and replaced it with tungsten bars that are painted gold [2].

^ Radio talk on how gold bars from Fort Knox were actually tungsten bars dipped in a thin layer of gold!

While I myself have yet to watch the documentary, it would be interesting to know the history behind the world’s most secured fort. It may or may not touch on the topic of gold.
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US Debt Limit Made Easy

Here is a 3 minutes video on current US debt limit from a household point of view. This youtube clip has been watched by over 1 million viewers. It is simple and hillarious. I would recommend you to watch it as well. At the end of the clip, you will understand the current US debt limit situation.


TheStar Online: The Business of Storing Gold

February 19, 2012, | A precious metals exchange has just been set up in Singapore by a Malaysian to help gold, silver and platinum bullion collectors not only to store their hoard but also to buy and sell such physical assets quickly and discreetly.

KEEPING gold bars and other precious items has reached a new level of sophistication in this region, with the launch of a storage facility in Singapore that offers clients anonymity as well as speedy transactions.

“The minimum deposit value in this bonded warehouse set-up is only US$1mil,” said Singapore Precious Metals Exchange Pte Ltd (SGPMX) founder and chief executive officer Victor Foo, 42.

“Of course, our clientele has much more than that to deposit,”
added the Malaysian entrepreneur in an exclusive interview with The Star.

“SGPMX is located in The Singapore FreePort a super-secure facility and next to Changi International Airport. Within a free trade zone, the facility is dedicated to the storage and trade of precious metals, gems, artwork and other valuables.”

Safe location: SGPMX offers clients in Asia a bullion vault at an ‘offshore’ facility at a ‘much closer’ location than Switzerland.

Moving 100kg of gold from your house to KLIA is no laughing matter, said Foo.

“To clear a consignment at KLIA takes at least 45 minutes. But at Changi Airport, it takes only three minutes,”
explained Foo, who has been involved in the insurance industry since 1991.

His financial planning services include gold bullion investments.

“If you are a high nett worth individual, you wouldn’t want to expose yourself and you don’t want your name to appear in the export papers.”

But the facility is a not a free-wheeling set-up as Foo is fully aware of the stringent regulations imposed by government authorities.

“We are not going to be laundering any blood money. Otherwise, the Singapore authorities will close us down,” he assured.
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Bankrupting PIIGS in Infographics


The people of Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal & Spain (PIIGS) are in €2.91 trillion Euros debt. So how much is €2.91 trillion? Take a look at the following visual.

2 Billions Euro

This is a visual of 2 Billion Euros. At today’s rate, this is equivalent to 8 Billion Ringgit. We will need 4 giant trucks to tow it on our Malaysian road. One trillion is one thousand billion. To have one trillion Euros, you will be needing 500 of these monster truck. The total PIIGS’ debt is €2.91 and that’s about 1,455 trucks. Convert it to RM and you need an airport to accomodate 5,820 trucks loaded with our RM100 note!

To visualize further on how it would look like, head to’s jaw-dropping infographics at
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