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Gold Silver Resources ( VS Publicgold VS

Here is an interesting development in our local scene lately. We have a new comer in providing locally branded silver by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd. is by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia
^ is by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia – Screen captured on 11-Feb-2012

Gold Silver Resources’ Background

Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd is a privately held company founded on 16 November 2011 and headquartered in Shah Alam. GSR is the initial for the company and just like how Tomei did it, they appended “” for their web address to make it truly Malaysian. With that, we have They product offering includes silver bars, silver rounds and gold jewelry.

Bunga Raya Malaysia and Harimau Malaya 1oz silver bar by
^ Truly Malaysian – The Bunga Raya Malaysia and Harimau Malaya 1oz Silver Bar by

GSR took the extra effort in making silver bars with local appearance. Currently, they have silver bars with Bunga Raya and Harimau Malaya emblem. They are scheduled to have Rhinoceros Hornbill and Dragon 1oz silver coins by sometime in February. Looks like GSR is also herding on the Dragon boat for 2012! Apart from that, they also have silver bars with various weight from 100 gram to 1 kilogram.

GSR’s Spot Price and Spread check!

Let’s do a quick calculation on GSR’s spot price and spread. At the time of writing, the silver spot price is USD33.59/ozt which is approximately RM102.90/ozt.
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The Forth Canadian Wildlife is a Moose

Moose!Moose is the forth of a six-coin series of silver bullion coins celebrating Canada’s Wildlife minted by The Royal Canadian Mint. Of all thing, this design somehow reminded me of Abercrombie & Fitch’s logo. Previous Wildlife designs was “The Timber Wolf 2011″,”The Gizzly Bear 2011” and “The Cougar 2012”.

It is limited to a mintage of one million coins. Two more issues are scheduled to follow for year 2013.

Ottawa, Ontario – February 3, 2012 – The Royal Canadian Mint’s is pleased to announce that its popular Canadian Wildlife 99.99% pure one-ounce silver bullion coin series is back, and bigger than ever, with a tribute to the moose: Canada’s largest land mammal. This latest addition to the Mint’s pure silver bullion collection was launched today at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany before a premier gathering of the world’s mints, distributors and buyers.
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Mahathir: Currency should be pegged to Gold or Precious Metals

“2. But the business is spurious. The financial market is basically about gambling. Ever since America decided that the market should regulate itself, that there should be less Government, all kinds of unacceptable practices have been allowed. Short selling expanded from shares to commodities to currencies, Banks lend more money than they have and allowed highly leveraged borrowings by hedge funds and currency traders. They indulge in sub-prime loans, securing these imprudent lending by mortgaging and insurance.”

Dr Mahathir Mohamad
^ Suggesting currency should be pegged to Gold or other Precious Metals

Again, we have it from our ex prime minister, bashing on the current financial mess in Europe and US. Dr. Mahathir has been unfavoured over hedge funds since the beginning. He often bash the practice of “leveraging” as creating money.
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Feb is Ready For Business!

After working on building the webstore for many sleepless weeks, today we are proud to present,! - The latest silver webstore in Malaysia.
^ Click the image for

Launching today on an auspicious day of 02.02.2012 at 02:22AM!

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