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10-kg 99.999% Pure Gold Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

At current market price (USD$1669/ozt), be prepared to fork out at least USD$536,880 for a piece of the art. That’s approximately RM1.665 million.


Interview with FS Yip, Founder of Panda Lot Shop Malaysia

Interview with Panda Lot Shop

We recently met a Chinese Panda silver coin enthusiastic and manage to have an interview with him. Nicknamed the Pandaman, FS Yip discussed with his views and opinions on investing in Chinese Panda silver coins.

Q: Hi FS Yip. Can you share with us your early days in investing in Silver? What brings you into investing silver?

Hi KH. Between 2009 and 2010, I read about silver investment from Robert Kiyosaki’s book. However, during that time, I was clueless about how to buy physical silver or even paper silver!

I asked my family members and friends but they all have no clues on how to invest in silver. Finally, in October 2011, I’ve found a thread in on investing physical silver. Since then, I have been consistently buying and selling physical silver.

Q: Of all silver coins in the market now, it is noticeable that you have particular interest in Chinese Panda. Please share with us, what ignites your interest in the coin?

My first purchase was 1oz Chinese Silver Panda 2011. I was offered a good price that time. Thereafter, just like many, I started buying all sort of silver coin like Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kookaburra, Perth Mint Lunar etc.

Chinese Panda Silver Coin 2011

^ FS Yip started off with 2011 Chinese Panda

After comparing the details and handicrafts of many silver coins, I had my target set on Silver Pandas. Not only they are nicely crafted, they are also a popular investment choice in China, US, Europe and Australia!
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Tony Robbins: The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed

Watch Tony Robbins discuss the $15 trillion U.S. national debt — how big is it really? And what can we do about the enormous federal budget deficit?

Highly recommended. Runs approximately 20 minutes.


Value Pack for Canadian Maples and American Eagles is now offering value pack for the popular Canadian Maples and American Eagle 1oz silver coins.

Buy Silver Malaysia Amercian Eagle Silver Coin
^ Value pack for 3 x American Eagles 1 oz silver coins.

Each American Eagles value pack comes with 3 American Eagles 1oz silver bullion coin with 3 holders of preferences (cost varies for each holder) plus a complimentary gift casing. A great value pack for any investor looking for value eagles. The see-through crystal casing adds beauty to the coin making it a great all-ocasion gift.

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Buy Silver Malaysia Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin
^ Value pack for 5 x Canadian Maple Leafs 1 oz silver coins. also offer value pack for the popular Canadian Maple Leafs. Every Maple Leaf value pack comes with 5 Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz silver bullion coin with 5 holders of preferences (cost varies for each holder). Investor has the option to buy five imported air-tight capsules for only RM1.00 each.

Click here to order: Value Pack: 5 x Canada Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin.

All value pack pricing are pegged with the latest silver spot pricing.