Azizi Ali: [Gold] All time high, All the time!

I was doing my research and read up on precious metals. While doing that, I found this youtube clip by our local wealth coach, Azizi Ali.

Of all, I particularly like the following quote from him:

“It [gold] was the all time high, ALL THE TIME!”

The video is back dated to Sept 2011 and it is a teaser for his previous seminar on gold and silver. If you are interested in more of his coming seminars, you can visit this link for details: http://www.millionairesplanet.com/GoldSilver.htm

A pilot by profession, Azizi Ali is a regular face when it comes to personal finances in Malaysia. He scored his initial success by writing few books namely Millionaires are from a different Planet!, The Millionaire in Me and How to Become a Property Millionaire.

Azizi Ali
^ Azizi Ali is also pilot

I read all three of them when I was starting out as a fresh man. To date, he has authored 30 over books in English and Bahasa Malaysia. He is also a regular commentator on money matters and real estate lookout for The Edge Daily and Personal Money magazine.

I remember vividly in one of his Millionaires books, he wrote about his reasoning of not investing in gold. It seems to be me that our local millionaire cowboy has shifted his perspective on Gold and Silver. Not only he is starting to preach in his seminars on Gold and Silver, he also authored a book on it in 2010 entitled Get Into Gold.

Azizi Ali books on Gold and Silver
^Azizi Ali is now getting into Gold!

His publishing company, TrueWealth Sdn Bhd recently [August 2011] published two books on gold and silver. They are namely Silver The New Shine by Dr Kong Voon Sing and Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now? by Jonathan Quek.

Azizi Ali books on Gold and SilverAzizi Ali books on Gold and Silver
^ Two books on Gold and Silver for our local reading

Looking from these, I am guessing Captain Azizi Ali is very hot on both the Gold and Silver metals now.

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