Bank Negara: AWAS! Penipuan Kewangan Melibatkan Pelaburan Emas

Investment thru schemes have always been a top discussion topic. This is especially true for Gold investment schemes. Of late, we see many of such schemes surfaced in our local scene. Our Bank Negara Malaysia addresses this issue in their publication, Ringgit.

Gold Investment!

Among the scheme, one company with Syariah compliance offers 2% “Hibbah” on a monthly basis. With few simple strokes on an abacus, 2% a month brings an annualized return of 24%.

I find this funny.

Remember how the country reacted last year when KWSP announced the dividend? The news was so great, it felt like a fiesta with firework display in Putrajaya? We celebrated the return with enormous lettering in front of every publishable material in the country.

FANTASTIC RESULT FROM KWSP! Durian runtuh! Durian runtuh!

Durian Runtuh!

“Durian runtuh?”

KWSP gave out just 6% dividend.

6% is a dwarf comparing to Gold investment scheme. If Gold investment scheme is robust, secure and Syariah compliance, I recommend KWSP to channel lion share of their fund into this.

Sit back and relax!

We will soon be getting 24% dividen for our KWSP! We may even get to enjoy a public holiday on this next year!


To date, KSWP’s best was 8.5% (1983-1987).

Modus Operandi yang sering digunakan ialah:

• Pelabur diminta mengisi borang pelaburan dan menandatangani perjanjian dengan pengendali skim;

• Pelabur akan membayar harga produk emas tersebut sama ada dengan cek atau secara tunai;

• Pelabur diberikan pilihan untuk mengambil produk emas tersebut daripada pengendali skim (bersama sijil pelaburan emas) pada bila-bila masa seperti yang ditetapkan oleh pengendali skim atau membenarkan pengendali skim menyimpan produk emas tersebut;

• Pelabur akan menerima pulangan dalam bentuk dividen atau hibah setiap bulan sepanjang tempoh pelaburan mengikut peratusan yang ditetapkan; dan

• Pengendali skim menjamin pembelian balik emas, iaitu pelabur berhak menjual balik produk emas tersebut kepada pengendali skim pada akhir tempoh perjanjian, pada harga belian asal.

^ Quoted from Bank Negara Malaysia’s publication, Ringgit June 2012

In English

Common operations method used:

• Investors are required to sign on an agreement towards the scheme

• Payments can be in form of cash or checks

• Investors are given a choice to pick up gold (with certification) on date agreed or to have it stored by the company.

• Interest will be given to investor on a monthly basis based on formulated interest or “hibbah” for an agreed period.

• At the end of the agreement, the company will buy back the Gold at purchase price.

It must be a gold laying goose!

Now, ponder this: How much does the company need to make to stomach 24% annualized giveaway? In theory, they have to make more than 24% to sustain their operation. Don’t forget, on top of generous hibbah, they give out commissions to agents as well.

Pelaburan Emas tidak lulus BNM
^ Gold Investment Scheme not approved by Bank Negara Malaysia

In reality, Gold and Silver are meant for wealth preservation, not speculation. Please download this issue of Ringgit by Bank Negara Malaysia here.

Don’t get cheated.

One day, the music will stop.

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