Bank Negara Releases Gold and Silver Coins for the 50th Anniversary of WWF

Collectors! This is a news for you guys!

Bank Negara has just recently released gold, silver and nordic gold commemorative coins in conjunction of the 50th Anniversary of World Wide Fund for Nature. All three comes in limited mintage and would be a great collector item.

1. Gold Commemorative Coin (proof)

This coin is as good as a gold bullion coin as it is made out of 999.9 fine gold. It weighs 7.96 grams which is approximately 0.256 troy ounce. It has a face value of RM100 and is yours for RM1,800. Mintage quantity is limited to 250 pieces.

Bank Negara WWF Coins
^ Gold Commemorative Coin with RM100 face value

2. Silver Commemorative Coin (proof)

This proof coin is made of Sterling silver with 92.5 purity and weighs 21.00 grams. 21.00 grams works out to be 0.67 troy ounce. It has a face value of RM10 and priced at RM150 a piece. The mintage quantity is available for sale is only 350 pieces.

Bank Negara WWF Coins
^ Silver Commemorative Coin with RM10 face value

3. Nordic Gold Commemorative Coin

In case you are wondering why is Nordic Gold, being gold, is the cheapest among the 3 coins offered by Bank Negara. The truth is, there is no gold in Nordic Gold. Nordic Gold is actually 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin. Think of it as our previous gold colored RM1 coin. It was valued RM1 for a reason.

The WWF version of Nordic Gold coin has a face value of RM1 and will be sold at RM10 each. The mintage quantity is 10,000 pieces.

Bank Negara WWF Coins
^ Nordic Gold Commemorative Coin with RM1 face value

These commemorative coins are minted and distributed by Bank Negara Malaysia. They will be available for sale from 25 Nov 2011 onwards at Bank Negara Malaysia’s headquarters and its representative offices. If you into collecting commemorative coins, be quick!

For further information, go to: http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=8&pg=14&ac=2358

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