Buy your Silver from PostMe.com.my

Postme.com.my runs on a business model similar to Amazon. Merchants can sign up with them to have their product listed. Behind the web address, it is Pos Malaysia Berhad who orchestrate the show. It does not take a genius to figure out that the platform sits nicely on Pos Laju’s artery of networks for delivery.

^ Screen captured from Postme.com.my on 30th Nov 2011

Mynet Capital Sdn Bhd (Mynet) quickly sees this as an opportunity to reach more customer. With that, we now have Postme.com.my carrying Mynet’s gold and silver bullion!

^ 1 World 10 Dirham 2011: Designed by Malaysian, minted by The Royal Silver Company, Bolivia

Of all product offered, I am particularly interested in 1 World 10 Dirham 2011. It is designed by a Malaysian namely Rudy Adnas and is minted by The Royal Silver Company in Bolivia. The Royal Silver Company is famous for producing superior quality silver bullion with 99.999% purity – the purest ever. Andes Cat is now one of the most sought after silver bullion for its collector value.

^ Transformers, PAMP Suisse Gold and Dragon Lunar are among the product offered

Anybody out there still going after Transformers coins? While I reckon that the hype for it are pretty much over, you can still get it here. Mynet also offers Australian Dragon Lunar and PAMP Suisse Gold.

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