Europe’s Biggest Vault Opens

With the recent record breaking of consecutive 12 year rise in Gold prices, it is no surprise with the recent development in increasing investment in storage facilities.  We have today, off-shore storage hired storage, private vaults, and even home outdoors solutions.  Barclays Plc, recently opened the Europe’s Biggest Vault, adding to the list.

^ Barclays, one of the world’s largest bank

Too much Gold & Silver and just nowhere to put it? A high security solution to bullion storage issues is at hand at a secret location somewhere inside London’s orbital motorway – the first British bank-owned gold vault to open in over five years.  Besides keeping the location a guessing game, the actual size of the vault is also not told to the press.

Barclays new vault anticipates demand from pension funds, central banks and sovereign wealth funds who have been scooping up the precious metal that has doubled in value since late 2008.

Vault's location somewhere within M25, London's circular highway
^ Vault’s location somewhere within M25, London’s circular highway

According to stories, the security is top notch.  On top of the usual fingerprint ID, tunneling, the vault is also protected against rocket-propelled grenade.  Brink’s Limited designed and built is will be protecting it with a purpose-built security system.

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