How to Clean Your Tarnished Silver Bullion Coin

I always recommend investing only in silver bullion in either coin or bar format with triple nine finest or better. Compare that to jewelry grade silver, the silver sterling at 92.5% finest, investment grade silver is a pain to maintain their shines. They tend to get tarnished easily.

Worry not! Today, we will bring sexy back to your tarnished silver!

^ Tarnished Canadian Timber Wolf, but still worth RM200 a pop!

Three ingredients that we will be using for our cooking lesson are as follow:

^ You can buy baking soda and aluminium foil cheaply at any hardware shop.

1. Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer – RM9.90 from Ace Hardware)
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Hot Water

Step 1: Boil your water

Boiling water
^ The water need not to be 100% boiled but warm enough to excite the chemistry.

Step 2: Add in Aluminum Foil and Baking Soda

Add Baking Soda
^ Have a small piece of folded aluminum foil and 1/2 spoon of baking soda into the hot water.

Step 3: Add in the Meat

Put silver into the water
^ Carefully place your silver into the hot water – Do not stir!

Step 4: Soak’em for 30 seconds

Soak them
^ Leave your silver into the hot bath and you can immediately sees the chemistry.

Step 5: Blow Dry!

Blow dry
^ Blow dry them instead of rubbing them with towel.

Step 6: Sexy is Back

^ Shining in less than 2 minutes of quick bath. Its so shinny, it is hurting my eyes.

As simple as that!

You only need 1/2 a spoon of baking soda really. You can use the remaining baking soda to make toothpaste, clean the microwave, boost your liquid laundry detergent, deodorize your refrigerator, freshen closets and others.

Here are 40 ways to use Baking Soda: http://green.yahoo.com/blog/care2/4/40-fantastic-uses-for-baking-soda.html


Seriously, you do not need to clean your silver. Silver tarnished and that’s natural. Numismatic coins are best not to be cleaned. Just like antique, the more tarnished it is, the more edgy it is. It is also one way to distinguish real silver and the fake.

Prevention is better than cure

The moment you bought your silver, capsuled them, tubed them, plastic-sealed them and store them in a dry place.

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