InvestSilverMalaysia is Moving Server

Update 26-Nov-2011: We have completed our migration. InvestSilverMalaysia.com is now running on a spanking new dedicated server. Everything seems to be ticking correctly. Do feedback to us if you have any trouble accessing our website. Your feedback is worth a million bucks to us. Thanks!

Update 25-Nov-2011: Our primary development HDD’s crashed. Dell’s rescue team will arrive next Tuesday onward. We at InvestSilverMalaysia.com have no choice but to extend the migration period to settle these misfortunes. Please bare with us.

Update 21-Nov-2011: InvestSilverMalaysia.com will take a week off regular posting to give ways for server migration. We are working hard to solve the domain issue from root up. Stay tune.

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