Kijang Emas Spread Margin Check!

Kijang EmasI was doing my regular check on Kijang Emas price via Bank Negara website and to my surprise, the difference between the buying and selling price for 1 oz of Kijang Emas is now RM233!

Wow, that’s a huge gap!

I previously wrote an article about spread back in July and I shared with you how we can calculate the spread for gold and silver. You can read the post here: Understanding Spread for Buying and Selling Gold or Silver

It’s a little bit passed 2.00 am now so the price I am referring now is actually yesterday’s price. The buying price for Kijang Emas is RM6,014 and selling price is RM5,781. RM233 is an huge price gap in Kijang Emas price history.

Armed with Excel, I dived into the historic data on Kijang Emas prices and crunched it to check if the spread is still the same during this current wild bull ride on precious metals.

Formula for Buy and Sell Spread:

(Sell Price – Buyback Price)/Buyback Price X 100 = Spread %

Historic Data from 1st July to 6th September 2011

You can check Bank Negara website for Kijang Emas historical data here: http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=12&pg=141

Screen capture of my Kijang Emas worksheet
^ Screen capture of my Kijang Emas Excel worksheet

Otherwise, you can download my free Excel worksheet here: Kijang-Emas-Spread-July-Sept-2011.xls


1) The lowest buy/sell for 1 oz of Kijang was on 20th July 2011,
Buy: RM 5,052. Sell: RM 4,858. Difference: RM 194. Spread: 3.99%

2) The highest buy/sell price for 1 oz of Kijang was on 4th Aug 2011,
Buy: RM 5,227. Sell: RM 5,021. Difference: RM 206. Spread: 4.10%

3) The average for 1 oz of Kijang is Buy: RM 5,310. Sell: RM 5,103. Difference: RM 206. Spread: 4.04%

4) We can conclude that Kijang Emas 1 oz spread is 4.00%

Always Calculate in Percentage Format

While RM233 seems like an enormous gap between the buying and selling price, it is actually a consistent spread if we measure it from percentage perspective.

Bank Negara has been consistent with the spread margin for 1oz of Kijang Emas (between 3.99% – 4.10%) all these while. As predicted, 1/2 oz Kijang Emas has higher spread (between 6.01% – 6.09%) and 1/4 oz Kijang Emas has the highest spread (7.97% – 8.07%) among all.

You can get all these information by downloading my virus-free Excel worksheet above.

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