Mahathir: You Just Print More Money

“2. It is a great way to make money to replace the money that a nation has lost in a recession caused by abuses of the financial system. You just print more money.”

Quantitative Easing in Dr. Mahathir’s own words, is to solve a country economical problems thru the mean of printing money.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad
^ Quantitative Easing is an unfair advantage for the rich nations

“3. Actually I don’t think they actually print currency notes amounting to the hundreds of billions of dollars or pounds to replace the money they have lost. The amount of printed currency notes would be huge and be very difficult to transport to the banks which has lost the money. There would be a stream of armoured cars from the mints to the banks.”

In reality, we only have 3% of monies in paper format. The rest of it are in digital format, bits and bytes. In today’s world of iPhones and Googles, money is too, digitized. Otherwise, forests are balding as trees are falling to fullfil the paper needs for printing.

^ USD$1 Billion weigh 10 tons, inclusive of the money-made-sofa

To visualize further on how it would look like, head to demonocracy.info’s jaw-dropping infographics at here.

“11. The world is being taken for a ride by the great western countries and their systems for everything. It is a case of doing as I tell you and not doing as I do. Rightly both the United States and United Kingdom should be bankrupt. To recover they should be selling all their banks, industries and other assets at fire-sale prices. That was what the Asian countries were forced to do after the currency traders forced many of them almost into bankruptcy. But the bankrupt powerful countries of the West don’t have to do that. They carry out Quantitative Easing, print money (issue cheques) and refinance their banks and bankrupt industries. And they talk about transparency in business practice.”

– Chedet.cc

Recently, US announced what market refered as, QE Infinity:

Mahathir relates those money created to be just as good as toilet paper.

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