New Video Tells the Story of Silver

The Silver Institute has released a video titled, Silver: The Element of Change, which covers silver’s role in history, science, medicine, industry and finance, from its first mining in Turkey 5,000 years ago to its use in today’s most advanced electronic devices. The video explains how silver has changed the course of people’s lives with its role as a natural bactericide, to the exploration of the New World by Spaniards seeking silver, to modern investors who use silver as part of a diversified financial portfolio.

Silver - The Element of Change

^ Silver - The Element of Change

This seven-minute video explains how no metal is as indispensable to modern life as silver. Without this metal, our mobile lifestyle would be impossible as silver is an integral part of nearly every computer, smartphone, automobile and modern appliance. The white metal is not only versatile – used in all of these in addition to solar panels, jewelry, silverware, coins, industrial processes, plumbing and water purifiers – but it is also highly recyclable once used in these and other applications.

Silver: The Element of Change is available free to watch on line by clicking the YouTube above.

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