PublicGold Domain Dispute with WTExpo?

Instead of expecting the usual dark maroon PublicGold website, I was shocked to be greeted with “This website is shutdown due to violation of WTExpo’s Terms and Conditions”. From the first glance, I wondered if I have entered the correct address.

After verifying the URL and seeing the message captured below, it seems WTExpo is having a disagreement with PublicGold.

Public Gold website has been shut downed due to violation with WTExpo's terms
^Screen captured on 10th October 2011, 5:30pm

Domain Dispute with WTExpo

According to PublicGold’s facebook announcement, they are battling a domain dispute with their web engine administrator namely WTExpo Sdn Bhd. With that, their sites are currently inaccessible.

Public Gold whois data
^ Whois reveal publicgold.com.my is owned by Mobile Kin Sdn Bhd(739256-H)

Unable to Access Sites

Gold and Silver pricing from three of their domain will BE VOID. They are: publicgold.com.my, publicdinar.com and publicjewellery.com.my.

However, publicdinar.com.my is working.

Public Gold Malaysia's announcement on recent domain dispute
^Screen captured from PublicGold’s Facebook page
Dealers who made booking via the said websites from 7/10/2011 6.30pm onwards are lost and are required to resubmit their orders.

In order to get the latest prices on Gold and Silver, I would recommend to call PublicGold directly. If you need reference, head to PublicGold’s facebook page at: http://facebook.com/pages/Public-Gold-International-Bhd/205920982752637. Many PublicGold’s dealers resorted complaint via Facebook.

Who is WTExpo?

^Screen captured from Alibaba.com’s website on WTExpo Sdn Bhd

A quick search on Google lead me to Alibaba. I am guessing WTExpo Sdn Bhd is responsible for some web administration work for PublicGold. Alibaba’s profile shows WTExpo Sdn Bhd is small web development company based in Seberang Jaya, Penang.

For more information about WTExpo, click here: http://www.alibaba.com/member/wtexpo.html

A Blow to Public Gold International Berhad

Both parties should have settled this dispute behind a close door. Having a public display of this kind may creates an uppercut to PublicGold’s reputation. Investors like many of us are putting life saving with PublicGold and this is disturbing.

I hope PublicGold and WTExpo will put an end to this drama as soon as possible and restore peace.

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