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Scottsdale President Josh Phair: Physical Silver Demand UNPRECEDENTED

Here is recent an interview with our business partner, Scottsdale Mint President, Mr Josh Phair on the recent Silver price movement.

We have close relationship with Josh Phair himself and is constantly supplying Malaysian with Scottsdale Silver product.


How are Silver Coins Minted?

Blanking, extruding, minting, these may be jargons to many of us, yet they are common terms in metal work industry.  Silver, a precious metal, is soft and easier to work on, compared to the other industrial metal.  When you are holding your American Eagles or Canadian Maples, all of them went through similar processes.  Let us explore what are the steps involves in minting silver coins.

1. Melt

Coins’ life journey began underground, where miners bring them up from the ground and minting factories bring them in as ores.  Another major source of silver today is from recycled sources, such as old picture/x-ray films & electronics.  As you can see from the video, they used the sides of the blanked-pieces and re-melt them, resulting in almost zero-waste production.

Pure silver’s melting point is 962 °C (1763.5 °F) thus to be safe, minters heats them to over 1093°C (2000 °F).  The solid silver will then melts into red hot liquid form. Then it is poured into billets, into a form or size depending on the factory’s machinery capabilities.  Thus the shapes and sizes of the billets varies from one to another.
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Silver Bullion Investor vs Silver Collector

What type of investor are you? Are you only keen in buying the cheapest silver bullion bar you can get or your are keen in the latest Perth Mint’s Lunar dragon? Do you hunt for limited edition silver coin? -or do you glue yourself to silver price chart all day long like a hawk?

There are two types of physical silver investor. They are namely The Bullion Investor and The Collector. Today we will discuss the difference between them.

The Bullion Investor’s Behaviour

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5 Tips for Buying Silver in Malaysia

Its Friday today and I am going to make this post K.I.S.S.

Here are five quick tips for buying and investing silver in Malaysia:

Tips #1 – Buy Silver Bars

Silver bars are imported under HS-code 7106. Silver coins are under HS-code 7118. HS-code 7118 says, “Coin (other than gold coin), not being legal tender, is subject to import duty of 5% and sale tax of 10%”.

Buy silver bars and skip the 15% import tax premium.

Tips #2 – Go Bigger Oz

Buy 1 x 10 oz bar instead of 10 x 1 oz bar. Buy 1 x 100 oz instead of 10 x 10 oz. The bigger oz you buy, the bigger saving you get on minting. Scottsdale Silver’s 10 oz and 100 oz comes with a cool stacking feature.

10 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Bar
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Which Silver Bar to Buy in Malaysia?

So that now you have decided to buy silver bars for your investment and yet you are stuck at another cross road.

“With so many types of silver bars in the market, which one should I buy”

Silver BarsTo answer the above question, it is best that we look into what’s available in our market. Not all silver bars are made equal. I have noticed a few particular brands are more popular here than others. Over the course of my own research, I have summarized that the following silver bars are among Malaysian’s favourites.

They are:

PAMP Suisse Bars – The Royce Rolls

PAMP Suisse Silver BarIf you must know, PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, which in French means artistic, precious metals products. With that alone, it’s worth the extra dollar. Not only is the PAMP Suisse bar one of the most popular bullion in the world, it is also one which carries a very high premium.

While a generic silver bar may sells at around 2-4 dollars above spot price, PAMP Suisse bars are sold at 20 dollars above spot price. They don’t call her the Royce Rolls of silver bars for nothing. Buy in bundles of 25s, and the ladies will come with a nice outer box.

… and that lady in the bar, her name is Lady Fortuna.

Official website:

Scottsdale Silver Bars – The Stackers

Scottsdale Silver

Scottsdale Silver bars are easily recognisable by their distinctive lion logo on all their bars. They are made in USA with prefectionist manufacturing. Portion of their silver are recovered thru recycling activities from the photography and manufacturing industry.

Undoubtedly, “The Stacker” would be Scottsdale Silver’s signature product. Scottsdale Silver’s “The Stacker” stacks nicely ontop of each other making it easy, neat and space-saving for storage. Stackers come in various weight: “The Stacker (10oz)”, “The Kilo Stacker (1kg)” and “The King Stacker (100oz)”. All are authorized for use in IRA by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and are ISO-9000-2008 certified.

Think IRA (Individual Retirement Account) as the American’s version of KWSP. Americans has the option to buy precious metals as part of their government backed retirement plan.

Official website:
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