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The Forth Canadian Wildlife is a Moose

Moose!Moose is the forth of a six-coin series of silver bullion coins celebrating Canada’s Wildlife minted by The Royal Canadian Mint. Of all thing, this design somehow reminded me of Abercrombie & Fitch’s logo. Previous Wildlife designs was “The Timber Wolf 2011″,”The Gizzly Bear 2011” and “The Cougar 2012”.

It is limited to a mintage of one million coins. Two more issues are scheduled to follow for year 2013.

Ottawa, Ontario – February 3, 2012 – The Royal Canadian Mint’s is pleased to announce that its popular Canadian Wildlife 99.99% pure one-ounce silver bullion coin series is back, and bigger than ever, with a tribute to the moose: Canada’s largest land mammal. This latest addition to the Mint’s pure silver bullion collection was launched today at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany before a premier gathering of the world’s mints, distributors and buyers.
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Tomei brings in

Tomei recently launched to sell investment grade gold and silver bullion online. This is something exciting to silver investors in Malaysia!
^ Screen capture from’s mainpage on 26th Nov 2011

Currently, they offer gold and silver bullion from PAMP Sussie and their own house brand Twin Tower. It is stated in their website that they will be offering Canadian Maples and Perth Mint Kangaroos too.
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Silver Bullion Investor vs Silver Collector

What type of investor are you? Are you only keen in buying the cheapest silver bullion bar you can get or your are keen in the latest Perth Mint’s Lunar dragon? Do you hunt for limited edition silver coin? -or do you glue yourself to silver price chart all day long like a hawk?

There are two types of physical silver investor. They are namely The Bullion Investor and The Collector. Today we will discuss the difference between them.

The Bullion Investor’s Behaviour

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How to Clean Your Tarnished Silver Bullion Coin

I always recommend investing only in silver bullion in either coin or bar format with triple nine finest or better. Compare that to jewelry grade silver, the silver sterling at 92.5% finest, investment grade silver is a pain to maintain their shines. They tend to get tarnished easily.

Worry not! Today, we will bring sexy back to your tarnished silver!

^ Tarnished Canadian Timber Wolf, but still worth RM200 a pop!

Three ingredients that we will be using for our cooking lesson are as follow:

^ You can buy baking soda and aluminium foil cheaply at any hardware shop.

1. Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer – RM9.90 from Ace Hardware)
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Hot Water

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2012 Cougar Is Third in Canadian Wildlife Series

CougarIt’s an exciting month for September. With Perth Mint introducing the2012 Lunar Dragon, Royal Canadian Mint will be updating their Canadian Wildlife Series with Cougar.

With one of the finest available 0.9999 pure silver bullion coin in market, Cougar is the third of a six-coin series of silver bullion coins celebrating Canada’s Wildlife.

It is limited to a mintage of one million coins and three more issues are scheduled to follow (one dated 2012 and two others dated 2013).
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