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Quick Bite: Turbulence 28

^ Morning Monday with silver Spot $USD28.x per ounce

Sorry for lack of updates on this blog. With the recent sinking silver price, work on has now trippled. Last Friday, when at one point silver price dipped down to USD$28.50, new orders flocked into our webstore. We have shipped out so many orders, even our vinyl flips and Saflips are running low in stock.

Meanwhile, below are few good articles on the recent turbulence: Can you spot the Bubble(s)? Silver’s Third Correction, how Low the Metal will Go? Gold Logs 2nd Straight Weekly Loss, American Eagle Coins Mixed

We will be right back on updating this blog once the market cools down.


Mike Maloney: I’m Buying The Inverse Head & Shoulders

A recent video from Mike Maloney’s Insider Report which he shared his view on the recent price drop.


Gold Silver Resources ( VS Publicgold VS

Here is an interesting development in our local scene lately. We have a new comer in providing locally branded silver by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd. is by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia
^ is by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia – Screen captured on 11-Feb-2012

Gold Silver Resources’ Background

Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd is a privately held company founded on 16 November 2011 and headquartered in Shah Alam. GSR is the initial for the company and just like how Tomei did it, they appended “” for their web address to make it truly Malaysian. With that, we have They product offering includes silver bars, silver rounds and gold jewelry.

Bunga Raya Malaysia and Harimau Malaya 1oz silver bar by
^ Truly Malaysian – The Bunga Raya Malaysia and Harimau Malaya 1oz Silver Bar by

GSR took the extra effort in making silver bars with local appearance. Currently, they have silver bars with Bunga Raya and Harimau Malaya emblem. They are scheduled to have Rhinoceros Hornbill and Dragon 1oz silver coins by sometime in February. Looks like GSR is also herding on the Dragon boat for 2012! Apart from that, they also have silver bars with various weight from 100 gram to 1 kilogram.

GSR’s Spot Price and Spread check!

Let’s do a quick calculation on GSR’s spot price and spread. At the time of writing, the silver spot price is USD33.59/ozt which is approximately RM102.90/ozt.
[


Various Gold Statistics by

An interesting statistic on world gold by

All The World's Gold
^ Click the image to enlarge“Our website exists for the purpose of exploring the world of numbers and statistics in interesting and useful ways. As modern people, we get inundated by numbers everyday. Economists, scientists and news journalists use numbers to make different points, often conflicting and confusing. Numbersleuth hopes to give you the tools you need to not only understand statistics, but to have fun with numbers too.”


Quick Bite: Silver Dipped to USD$28.50

An interesting night for Silver. Silver broke the USD$30 support and went south to almost USD28.50 before moving up slightly above USD$29.x as I type this.

It is going to be another ride for silver investors! Hang in there!