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Air Tites? Flips? Which are the best silver holders?

Storing your precious has gradually becoming a rocket science due to the large variety of holders available for sale. Silver bullion will need proper housing especially numismatic coins.

In general, there are 3 main categories for bullion coins holder. They are namely, flips, capsules and tubes. For flips, they are 3 types which is the normal plastic flip (also known as vinyl), non-plasticized flip and Saflip (Mylar flips).

Vinyl Flip

PVC FlipsVinyl flips contains PVC and plasticizer. Plasticizer is a chemical added to soften the PVC. It is not recommended to use vinyl flips for long term preservation. PVC may corrode a coin’s surface, causing permanent damage to your precious bullion coins. In short, it is cheap but potentially harmful.

Non-Plasticized Flip

These pocket flips are non-plasticized and contain no softeners, PVC or other chemicals and are safe for long term coin storage. These flips are more rigid than regular vinyl flips as it does not contain softeners. This would be among the cheapest holder of all available holder.
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Money Printing Factory VS Silver Minting Factory

Below is a video on how money is printed.

The next video shows how silver coins are made.
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Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham in Indonesia

An interesting video on the usage of Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham in Indonesia. Like many others, Indonesia is at risk of fiat currency.

First minute of the video is in Dutch. Thereafter it is in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


CIMB Bank Now Sells Silver Bullion

It is interesting to see our local Malaysian bank jumping onto the silver bandwagon as well. CIMB Bank now offers Silver Bullion at their CIMB Clicks Shoppe. Most of their silver product offered are Perth Mint box set product.

CIMB offering Dirham
^ Screen capture from CIMB website on 30 Sept 2011. At time of writing, market is calling silver for USD$31/oz.
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Silver Bullion Investor vs Silver Collector

What type of investor are you? Are you only keen in buying the cheapest silver bullion bar you can get or your are keen in the latest Perth Mint’s Lunar dragon? Do you hunt for limited edition silver coin? -or do you glue yourself to silver price chart all day long like a hawk?

There are two types of physical silver investor. They are namely The Bullion Investor and The Collector. Today we will discuss the difference between them.

The Bullion Investor’s Behaviour

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