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8 Hillarious Cartoons on US Current Financial Situation

Here are 8 political cartoons I find funny by cartoonist Matt Wuerker which reflects to America’s current financial situation. While the subject of joke is no laughing matter, the comics are to view the crisis from a light hearted perspective.

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History Channel for Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed

If you are an Astro subcriber with History Channel (Channel 555), tonight you may want to spare an hour to watch the documentary on the world’s safest safe. Astro is bringing Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed at 8pm tonight via History Channel.

For those who have no clues on Fort Knox, think of it as the world’s safe deposit box, with 147.3 million ounces of gold in it [1].

^ Snippets from History Channel’s Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed

It holds a lot of consipiracy when it comes to the real amount of gold residing in it. Fort Knox has never been auditted and Ron Paul has been pressing the authority over and over again to open up it’s vault for stock checking. He worried that the government has secretly sold off part of the stockpile and replaced it with tungsten bars that are painted gold [2].

^ Radio talk on how gold bars from Fort Knox were actually tungsten bars dipped in a thin layer of gold!

While I myself have yet to watch the documentary, it would be interesting to know the history behind the world’s most secured fort. It may or may not touch on the topic of gold.
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Money Printing Factory VS Silver Minting Factory

Below is a video on how money is printed.

The next video shows how silver coins are made.
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What is Operation Twist?

Continuing from my previous post, the video above is a detailed explanation of what Operation Twist is all about.


Why Silver Tumbled to $30/oz

Last week was a bloodbath. Gold fell from high of USD1900/oz to USD1657/oz while Silver fell from high of USD42/oz to about USD30/oz.

It all started with Operation Twist 2. A cleverly engineered “economy rescue plan” by Federal Reserved’s Chairman. Last Thursday, Mr. Ben Bernanke announced Federal Reserved’s plan to sell off $400 billion worth of short-term debt and using it to purchase $400 billion of long-term Treasury bonds. This is “rescue” idea of keeping low interest rate for many years to come.
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