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Mahathir: You Just Print More Money

“2. It is a great way to make money to replace the money that a nation has lost in a recession caused by abuses of the financial system. You just print more money.”

Quantitative Easing in Dr. Mahathir’s own words, is to solve a country economical problems thru the mean of printing money.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad
^ Quantitative Easing is an unfair advantage for the rich nations

“3. Actually I don’t think they actually print currency notes amounting to the hundreds of billions of dollars or pounds to replace the money they have lost. The amount of printed currency notes would be huge and be very difficult to transport to the banks which has lost the money. There would be a stream of armoured cars from the mints to the banks.”

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Average Lifespan for Fiat Currency is 27 Years


The Real Hunt Brothers Story

Many resources told us that the Hunt brothers once cornered the global silver market in the 1970s. Hunt brothers started buying silver at the price of USD$1.50/oz and drove it up to a record high of USD$50/oz in January 1980. It collapsed to below USD$11/oz two months later. According, that is approximately USD$130/oz measured in recent dollar.

Below is the video of “The Real” Hunt brother story by TruthNeverTold. Watch it to see the conspiracy from an alternative perspective.

The following is part 2 of The Real Hunt Brothers Story.
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Bankrupting PIIGS in Infographics


The people of Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal & Spain (PIIGS) are in €2.91 trillion Euros debt. So how much is €2.91 trillion? Take a look at the following visual.

2 Billions Euro

This is a visual of 2 Billion Euros. At today’s rate, this is equivalent to 8 Billion Ringgit. We will need 4 giant trucks to tow it on our Malaysian road. One trillion is one thousand billion. To have one trillion Euros, you will be needing 500 of these monster truck. The total PIIGS’ debt is €2.91 and that’s about 1,455 trucks. Convert it to RM and you need an airport to accomodate 5,820 trucks loaded with our RM100 note!

To visualize further on how it would look like, head to’s jaw-dropping infographics at
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Mahathir: One Trillion

“3. What is one trillion dollars? We write it down as one billion with three additional zeros after it. Thus 1,000,000,000,000. It is not such a big figure. You add three zeros or three nothings and the figure increases by 1,000 times.”

^ Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad is not a trillion dollar fan

“But if we write down one billion as 1,000,000,000 one thousand times, we will have a better idea of what one trillion means. We would be horrified at the size of one trillion if we write the figure 1, one trillion times, which really is what one trillion means.”

If it takes 0.1 second to write 1 on a piece paper, it would take three thousand one hundred sixty eight years to finish writing 1, one trillion times. Yes, three thousand one hundred sixty eight years. If I start writing it now, I would finish by year 5179.
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