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Europe’s Biggest Vault Opens

With the recent record breaking of consecutive 12 year rise in Gold prices, it is no surprise with the recent development in increasing investment in storage facilities.  We have today, off-shore storage hired storage, private vaults, and even home outdoors solutions.  Barclays Plc, recently opened the Europe’s Biggest Vault, adding to the list.

^ Barclays, one of the world’s largest bank

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Bank Negara: AWAS! Penipuan Kewangan Melibatkan Pelaburan Emas

Investment thru schemes have always been a top discussion topic. This is especially true for Gold investment schemes. Of late, we see many of such schemes surfaced in our local scene. Our Bank Negara Malaysia addresses this issue in their publication, Ringgit.

Gold Investment!

Among the scheme, one company with Syariah compliance offers 2% “Hibbah” on a monthly basis. With few simple strokes on an abacus, 2% a month brings an annualized return of 24%.

I find this funny.
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London Olympic Gold medal is actually Silver?

As the world awaits excitingly for the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony this weekend, we read about the medallions for the winners.  It is said that the this edition of the Olympic Game boasts the most expensive medals of all.

^ 2012 London Olympics Medals

It is reported that each medal weighs up to 400grams.  The silver medal is made up of 92.5% silver [Read more →]


Mike Maloney: I’m Buying The Inverse Head & Shoulders

A recent video from Mike Maloney’s Insider Report which he shared his view on the recent price drop.


India’s Love Affair with Gold

India is now one of the fastest growing country on earth and also the world’s biggest consumer of gold. In India, gold is the symbol of wealth, status as well as worship to God. They even have a special day annualy to buy gold.

60 Minutes: India's Love Affair with Gold
^ 60 minutes’ documentary on India’s tradition on Gold.

“No gold, no wedding”.

Almost half of the gold that Indians buy each year is jewelry bought for a wedding. “No gold, no wedding” is a famous saying dated as old as the culture itself. CBS 60 Minutes have an intensive coverage on this topic which caught my attention. It is an eyes opening documentary which explains the number of goldsmith we have in Brickfields and Jalan Masjid Jamek.

You can read up here:

-or watch the 12 minutes documentary at this link:

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