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Interview with FS Yip, Founder of Panda Lot Shop Malaysia

Interview with Panda Lot Shop

We recently met a Chinese Panda silver coin enthusiastic and manage to have an interview with him. Nicknamed the Pandaman, FS Yip discussed with his views and opinions on investing in Chinese Panda silver coins.

Q: Hi FS Yip. Can you share with us your early days in investing in Silver? What brings you into investing silver?

Hi KH. Between 2009 and 2010, I read about silver investment from Robert Kiyosaki’s book. However, during that time, I was clueless about how to buy physical silver or even paper silver!

I asked my family members and friends but they all have no clues on how to invest in silver. Finally, in October 2011, I’ve found a thread in on investing physical silver. Since then, I have been consistently buying and selling physical silver.

Q: Of all silver coins in the market now, it is noticeable that you have particular interest in Chinese Panda. Please share with us, what ignites your interest in the coin?

My first purchase was 1oz Chinese Silver Panda 2011. I was offered a good price that time. Thereafter, just like many, I started buying all sort of silver coin like Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kookaburra, Perth Mint Lunar etc.

Chinese Panda Silver Coin 2011

^ FS Yip started off with 2011 Chinese Panda

After comparing the details and handicrafts of many silver coins, I had my target set on Silver Pandas. Not only they are nicely crafted, they are also a popular investment choice in China, US, Europe and Australia!
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Interview with Darryl Ho,

We managed to catch up with Darryl Ho, the person behind and had a quick discussion over PM investing.

Q: Hi Darryl Ho. Can you share with us your early days in investing in Silver? What brings you into investing silver?

I’m a person who always look out for long term investment. I started with property investment and over the years has provide good and stable return. Then a friend has recommend me to Gold investment, back then it was only about USD1000 /oz. With that, I started researching about commodity investment and found that people in China, India, US, Canada and even Middle East have been vastly investing in Gold. And particularly the Americans has already started with Silver as well cause of the affordable price. There goes my journey for gold and silver.

Q: What made you started your own trading?

The demand. There’s lots of Malaysians are aware of silver investment but they do not know where to purchase in Malaysia and it’s quite troublesome to buy online from overseas as well. Lots of things need to take into consideration like the import and sales tax that takes up 15%. It’s not worth to get a few oz from overseas as the shipping and insurance are very expensive. I started to get in a few tubes each time and sell to friends and family, that eventually lower down the cost when you get in bulk. When the demand gets higher, I decided to come out with the website and start to sell to public :)
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Interview with CK Diong,

Political Metals

CK Diong, author of shares his view on “Political Metals”.

Q: Hi CK Diong. Can you share with us how you started investing in Precious Metals?

I have been staring at this question for quite a while, not knowing how to respond. Fact is, I’ve not invested, and if I did, certainly not in Precious Metals.

I happen to be planning for early retirement around the time of the global financial crisis of 2008. It was so violent and swift that I quickly realized it was no ordinary crisis. That was when I decided to invest considerable time into understanding what actually was going on.

My research convinced me that what happened in 2007/08 was not another of those boom and bust economic cycles which will soon come to past, and that we will all be happily riding the next wave up again. I realized for the first time that what’s ahead of us in the next few years will be unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. The global debt-based monetary system is like a house of cards whose time has come.

Hence, I wanted to play safe and decided to take my retirement savings OUT of this precarious monetary system. I converted paper & electronic money into gold and silver, not as an investment, but as a store of value. I view them as Monetary Metals or Political Metals rather than Precious Metals.

Q: What do you think of investing in silver today?

I don’t understand why anyone, save for the most die-hard speculators, would want to invest in something as volatile as silver. Why would anyone invest in something whose price can drop $40 to $26 in less than 72 hours? And, if you know who’s behind the curtain making the silver prices so volatile, you’d want to stay away from this investment.

Having said that, I hold a substantial portion of my assets in the form of silver. I don’t invest in it, I just own it, and yes, that makes a lot of difference.I believe it’s a good asset to hold because like gold, it is a monetary metal that is a good store of value and it has no counter-party risk.
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Interview with Bryan Zeng, Head of Investment Planning Division for A.D. Financial Sdn Bhd.

CFP Bryan Zeng shares his insight on Gold and Silver investment.

Q: How do you see Precious Metals investment in Malaysia market?

Bryan: It is definitely a growing market due to increasing awareness and demand from the public lately. Traditionally the Precious Metals market is dominated by Banks, Goldsmiths and Jewelers, now we can see increasing numbers of private companies that distribute or trade precious metals.

Similarly the product range has also increased dramatically, there are various physical and paper based Precious Metals products available in Malaysia now. In fact in some cases the situation has become “feverish” with “Gold Investments” or “Alternative Investments” seminars all over town.

Q: What is the current Malaysian’s mentality on Precious Metals investment? Are Malaysian aware of Precious Metals investment pros and cons?

There is unquestionably an increase of awareness on the benefits or the need to invest in Precious Metals. You can now hear people chat or discuss about Gold or Silver in Facebook, offices or at their favorite coffee shop. It’s just like how they have discuss about properties, stocks, cars and the “Next Greatest Opportunity”.

There would be obviously some people who are well informed and others who are less informed of the risks, benefits, costs, and the variety of options to invest in Precious Metals. I applaud your effort in creating and maintaining this blog which provides a concise flow of useful and up to date information to fellow Malaysians.
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