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Update from Singapore International Coin Fair 2013

The Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF) 2013 ( took place on March 29th – 31st, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Level 1 – Hall A, which is located within the world-class Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.  It is organised by Panda America (

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Herd Mentality on Silver: Six Tips on How to Avoid

Herd mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase items. Examples of the herd mentality include stock market trends, fashions in apparel, cars, taste in music, home décor, etc. – Wikipedia

^ Don’t be among the sheep. Meehhh…

If you have not heard about herd mentality, you may want to stop your world for a second and read up a bit on it. Chances are if you are making decisions based upon the actions of others, you may be among the sheep.

Investors with herd mentality are usually at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to investment. Because they rely mainly on grapevines, they usually buy during uptrend and sells during a downtrend.

Here are six tips on how to avoid being a sheep.

1) DYODD – Do your own due diligence.

Everybody is a guru of their own league. Without a solid understanding on the fundamental, you will be swing left and right by all these so-called investment gurus.

Some may predicts silver will dunked down to $25/oz and that would be the best time to buy. Another guy you barely known will say it is now or never! Dig out all your cash today and buy as much as possible today! Price will start shooting up tomorrow! Target $65/oz!

^ Mike Myers is the silver guru. He foresees silver will go uptrend forever.

You should start by understanding the primary fundamental of silver before diving into it. Having your own point of view is crucial. Bear in mind that sheep does not have the ability to think, they just follow.

Unlike gold, silver is a hybrid with two major usages. Almost all silver ever unearthed are channeled into industrial usages. Merely 5% of silver are used for store-of-value or monetary purposes. Silver is traded just like any commodity in COMEX and is subject to volatility. Unless you are able to tolerate the yo-yo like prices, you may want to consider alternative investment.

Do your own research sufficiently on the nature of silver.

DYODD and be your own guru.
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Interview with Darryl Ho,

We managed to catch up with Darryl Ho, the person behind and had a quick discussion over PM investing.

Q: Hi Darryl Ho. Can you share with us your early days in investing in Silver? What brings you into investing silver?

I’m a person who always look out for long term investment. I started with property investment and over the years has provide good and stable return. Then a friend has recommend me to Gold investment, back then it was only about USD1000 /oz. With that, I started researching about commodity investment and found that people in China, India, US, Canada and even Middle East have been vastly investing in Gold. And particularly the Americans has already started with Silver as well cause of the affordable price. There goes my journey for gold and silver.

Q: What made you started your own trading?

The demand. There’s lots of Malaysians are aware of silver investment but they do not know where to purchase in Malaysia and it’s quite troublesome to buy online from overseas as well. Lots of things need to take into consideration like the import and sales tax that takes up 15%. It’s not worth to get a few oz from overseas as the shipping and insurance are very expensive. I started to get in a few tubes each time and sell to friends and family, that eventually lower down the cost when you get in bulk. When the demand gets higher, I decided to come out with the website and start to sell to public :)
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Crashing Gold and Silver

By Howard Ruff | Oct 7 2011 2:35PM

A fortnight ago gold recorded its worst week since 1983. Skeptics are now questioning gold’s credentials as one of the few shelters from financial storms. Some investors have begun to worry about whether this is the end of gold’s spectacular surge.”

September was the worst month for gold since Lehman Brothers collapsed in October 2008.

How come? The banking crisis and the threat of government default should have been good for gold, right? Old habits die hard, so when the stock market began to crash, people fled to cash.

If you bought silver or gold in August, you were hurt in September. But you buy silver not only as an investment but also as insurance against inflation. You wouldn’t cancel your insurance policy in the middle of a hurricane, and you shouldn’t sell silver when it takes a tumble. Like any insurance, silver’s value will pay out over time, not day by day.

People buy gold either as an alternative to the dollar as a store of value or as blanket coverage against all the world’s ills.
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Interview with CK Diong,

Political Metals

CK Diong, author of shares his view on “Political Metals”.

Q: Hi CK Diong. Can you share with us how you started investing in Precious Metals?

I have been staring at this question for quite a while, not knowing how to respond. Fact is, I’ve not invested, and if I did, certainly not in Precious Metals.

I happen to be planning for early retirement around the time of the global financial crisis of 2008. It was so violent and swift that I quickly realized it was no ordinary crisis. That was when I decided to invest considerable time into understanding what actually was going on.

My research convinced me that what happened in 2007/08 was not another of those boom and bust economic cycles which will soon come to past, and that we will all be happily riding the next wave up again. I realized for the first time that what’s ahead of us in the next few years will be unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. The global debt-based monetary system is like a house of cards whose time has come.

Hence, I wanted to play safe and decided to take my retirement savings OUT of this precarious monetary system. I converted paper & electronic money into gold and silver, not as an investment, but as a store of value. I view them as Monetary Metals or Political Metals rather than Precious Metals.

Q: What do you think of investing in silver today?

I don’t understand why anyone, save for the most die-hard speculators, would want to invest in something as volatile as silver. Why would anyone invest in something whose price can drop $40 to $26 in less than 72 hours? And, if you know who’s behind the curtain making the silver prices so volatile, you’d want to stay away from this investment.

Having said that, I hold a substantial portion of my assets in the form of silver. I don’t invest in it, I just own it, and yes, that makes a lot of difference.I believe it’s a good asset to hold because like gold, it is a monetary metal that is a good store of value and it has no counter-party risk.
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