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PublicGold Domain Dispute with WTExpo?

Instead of expecting the usual dark maroon PublicGold website, I was shocked to be greeted with “This website is shutdown due to violation of WTExpo’s Terms and Conditions”. From the first glance, I wondered if I have entered the correct address.

After verifying the URL and seeing the message captured below, it seems WTExpo is having a disagreement with PublicGold.

Public Gold website has been shut downed due to violation with WTExpo's terms
^Screen captured on 10th October 2011, 5:30pm

Domain Dispute with WTExpo

According to PublicGold’s facebook announcement, they are battling a domain dispute with their web engine administrator namely WTExpo Sdn Bhd. With that, their sites are currently inaccessible.

Public Gold whois data
^ Whois reveal is owned by Mobile Kin Sdn Bhd(739256-H)
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Interview with Bryan Zeng, Head of Investment Planning Division for A.D. Financial Sdn Bhd.

CFP Bryan Zeng shares his insight on Gold and Silver investment.

Q: How do you see Precious Metals investment in Malaysia market?

Bryan: It is definitely a growing market due to increasing awareness and demand from the public lately. Traditionally the Precious Metals market is dominated by Banks, Goldsmiths and Jewelers, now we can see increasing numbers of private companies that distribute or trade precious metals.

Similarly the product range has also increased dramatically, there are various physical and paper based Precious Metals products available in Malaysia now. In fact in some cases the situation has become “feverish” with “Gold Investments” or “Alternative Investments” seminars all over town.

Q: What is the current Malaysian’s mentality on Precious Metals investment? Are Malaysian aware of Precious Metals investment pros and cons?

There is unquestionably an increase of awareness on the benefits or the need to invest in Precious Metals. You can now hear people chat or discuss about Gold or Silver in Facebook, offices or at their favorite coffee shop. It’s just like how they have discuss about properties, stocks, cars and the “Next Greatest Opportunity”.

There would be obviously some people who are well informed and others who are less informed of the risks, benefits, costs, and the variety of options to invest in Precious Metals. I applaud your effort in creating and maintaining this blog which provides a concise flow of useful and up to date information to fellow Malaysians.
[


How to Sell Your Silver in Malaysia

Unlike real estate or equity, gold or silver investment does not yield any rents, interests or dividends. The only game plan is to buy low and sell high. It is always a capital gain play regardless you are a bullion investor or a coin collector.

After you have decided to invest partial of your portfolio into physical silver in Malaysia, you will generally ask your first question about silver – how to buy investment grade silver?

Your silver adventure then starts with you begin hunting for silver bullion sellers. You probably read forum back to back or dig all possible blogs you could find on buying your first American Eagles in Malaysia. You finally bought your first tube of Eagles and without letting your wife knows, you stashed it under the bed.

Then, the next question creeps in. What’s the EXIT PLAN?

Comparing to Gold – you cannot trade your silver with any banks or goldsmith shops in Malaysia. Pawn shops, perhaps – but you will be paid bananas for your precious metals.

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CIMB Bank Now Sells Silver Bullion

It is interesting to see our local Malaysian bank jumping onto the silver bandwagon as well. CIMB Bank now offers Silver Bullion at their CIMB Clicks Shoppe. Most of their silver product offered are Perth Mint box set product.

CIMB offering Dirham
^ Screen capture from CIMB website on 30 Sept 2011. At time of writing, market is calling silver for USD$31/oz.
[


Why Silver Tumbled to $30/oz

Last week was a bloodbath. Gold fell from high of USD1900/oz to USD1657/oz while Silver fell from high of USD42/oz to about USD30/oz.

It all started with Operation Twist 2. A cleverly engineered “economy rescue plan” by Federal Reserved’s Chairman. Last Thursday, Mr. Ben Bernanke announced Federal Reserved’s plan to sell off $400 billion worth of short-term debt and using it to purchase $400 billion of long-term Treasury bonds. This is “rescue” idea of keeping low interest rate for many years to come.
[

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