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Mike Maloney: What is happening to Gold & Silver now

Mike Maloney explanining what is going on with Gold & Silver right now. He said the bull run is not over until the fundamental is over.


Mike Maloney: I’m Buying The Inverse Head & Shoulders

A recent video from Mike Maloney’s Insider Report which he shared his view on the recent price drop.


Micheal Maloney: The House Always Wins

Here is a short 3 minutes clip that all investors should pay attention to. Micheal Maloney shares his view on investment scams and traps that has been mushrooming all over.

“If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it”.

Micheal Maloney encourages the public to buy physical instead of certificates. He also discussed the disadvantages of investing in numismatic coins. He added while leveraging could reaps profit with little money down, it could be a double sided blade if not handled well.

This is a youtube clip I highly recommend to all precious metals investors be it novice or seasoned. A short 3 minutes video. Watch it.


“Gold is for the Fearful”, Buffet; Maloney Disagreed

Warren Buffet has recently published his annual letter to his Berkshire Hathaway‘s shareholders.

Warran Buffet and Mike Maloney
^ Buffer thinks Gold is for the fearful; Maloney says otherwise.

In his letter, he wrote his comment about Gold, which he refers as a short term “bandwagon” for fearful investors. Maloney however, on the other hand critised Buffet’s ways of comparing gold as an investment.

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What would happen if all Gold and Silver disappears?

Gold and Silver bullions

It is interesting to be able to listen to two prominent figures in silver exchanging ideas on the white metal. Here we have Mike Maloney and David Morgan together in a limo while in Las Vegas earlier this year.

David asked what would happen to the world if all gold and silver left the planet.

“If you could snap your finger and make all gold disappears, basically, nothing would change. Life would go on. However, if you could snap your finger and make all silver disappears, everything would stop. We would be back in a stone age.” – Mike Maloney answered.

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