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Quick Bite: Silver Dipped to USD$28.50

An interesting night for Silver. Silver broke the USD$30 support and went south to almost USD28.50 before moving up slightly above USD$29.x as I type this.

It is going to be another ride for silver investors! Hang in there!


Quick Bite: UOB Back in Stock

Here is a quick one. I previously blogged about UOB running out of stock for their gold bullion product. UOB is finally out from the Gold Bullion dry spell. They have now replenished their bullion silo with the new 2012 Australian Kangaroo Nugget. Only Australian Kangaroo are available though. I confirmed this as I have paid Jalan Raja Laut’s UOB a visit last Friday. Get it while it lasts!

On another end, a Maybank representative updated me that Kijang Emas will only be in stock from next year onwards.