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Scottsdale President Josh Phair: Physical Silver Demand UNPRECEDENTED

Here is recent an interview with our business partner, Scottsdale Mint President, Mr Josh Phair on the recent Silver price movement.

We have close relationship with Josh Phair himself and is constantly supplying Malaysian with Scottsdale Silver product.


Get 3.5% Rebate For Your Silver Purchase

Here are 7 simple steps with screen capture on how to get 2% (Updated 2013) 3.5% off immediately for your silver purchase at our webstore, We are the official distributor for Scottsdale Silver in Malaysia. We offer silver bullion bars and coins with pricing pegged to live COMEX pricing.

Step 1: Select your desired product

Buy Silver in Malaysia with 2% discount
^ Scottsdale Silver’s signature “The Stacker” is our best selling product.

Browse around our webstore at for vast variety of quality products including the popular Scottsdale Silver “The Stacker”, Canadian Maples and American Eagles. Once you are done with your selection, click [Checkout].

Step 2: Review your order

Buy Silver in Malaysia with 2% discount
^ Do a review of your order before confirming. You can update your desired quantity here as well.

At preview page, review your selected products. Select [Member Checkout] (if you are member) or [Guest Checkout]. Proceed with filling in the check out form. If you are a returning member, the form will be auto-filled.
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The Academy is now The Materion

The Academy name is now officially retired. It is replaced with a new name, The Materion.

Materion investment bars
^ Screen capture from Materion site on Silver Investment Bars, 8th March 2012

From the screen capture above, you can clearly sees the signature Academy silver bars in the picture. We will be seeing Materion logo next, replacing the Academy’s name.
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New Product: Scottsdale Silver Quarter Oz Round

Scottsdale Silver is introducing 1/4 (Quarter) Troy Ounce +.999 Fine Silver Round this coming March. We got the first hand news ahead of the public from Scottsdale Silver directly as we are Scottsdale Silver’s authorized dealer in Malaysia.

Scottsdale Silver Quarter Oz Round
^ New Quarter Oz Rounds from Scottsdale Silver

The frontal carries the Scottsdale Silver’s signature lion head emblem while the back is marked with a 1/4 sign. The Quarter Scottsdale Rounds are available in tubes of 20 pieces (5 Troy oz per tube). Quarter troy ounce is 7.777 grams in weight.
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5 Tips for Buying Silver in Malaysia

Its Friday today and I am going to make this post K.I.S.S.

Here are five quick tips for buying and investing silver in Malaysia:

Tips #1 – Buy Silver Bars

Silver bars are imported under HS-code 7106. Silver coins are under HS-code 7118. HS-code 7118 says, “Coin (other than gold coin), not being legal tender, is subject to import duty of 5% and sale tax of 10%”.

Buy silver bars and skip the 15% import tax premium.

Tips #2 – Go Bigger Oz

Buy 1 x 10 oz bar instead of 10 x 1 oz bar. Buy 1 x 100 oz instead of 10 x 10 oz. The bigger oz you buy, the bigger saving you get on minting. Scottsdale Silver’s 10 oz and 100 oz comes with a cool stacking feature.

10 oz Scottsdale Stacker Silver Bar
[

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