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Selamat Merdeka-Raya! would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim friends a Happy Hari Raya and safe balik kampung journey.

Also, to all Malaysian, HAPPY MERDEKA DAY!!!

Enjoy the holiday and Cheers!


Why, not

Before I begin, I believes those who bumped to my blog would have at least know a salt pinch on precious metals. If you do not have any idea on precious metals, I would recommend you to watch the following four minutes video. The video will give you a quick 101 crash-course on the importance of investing in precious metals today.

Moving forward, I trust that you too would know precious metals includes not only gold and silver but platinum, palladium, rhodium, mercury and a few others. Aluminum was once a precious metal too when it was more difficult to extract it from ore compared to gold back in 1880s. With that, whenever I refer precious metals or in short, PM, I am specifically referring to Gold and Silver only. For now, I do not have interest in platinum (apart that that’s what my wedding ring was made of) or palladium (to be honest, I have no idea what it does) or titanium (which make a good bicycle frame) or any other precious metals – at least until further notice.

Now, back to the question – why am I writing under and not I owned both the domain.

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Hello Invest Silver Malaysia!

Hello people. Welcome to my blog. In this blog, I will walk together with you my journey in investing precious metals in Malaysia especially in silver. I am very bullish about this commodity and is committed in sharing what I’ve learn along the way.

Stay tuned and thanks!

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