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Why you should not buy gold from gold shop

If you are buying gold for investment, gold shop is among the places you may go to purchase your investment. In Malaysia, our gold prices are standardized nationwide as most of our gold shop retailers are member of Federation of Goldsmith and Jewellers Association of Malaysia.

^ FGJAM website at

Federation of Goldsmith and Jewellers Association of Malaysia

FGJAM in short, set and publish standardized price for gold on a weekly basis. This creates a uniform gold price and healthy competition among gold retailers.

Price tag for a piece of gold in retail store is calculated by adding “Retail Gold Price” and “Workmanship”. Gold shop profits from margin over gold price as well as workmanship. Thus, for every gold ring, necklace or bracelet you buy from them, they will quote you two prices, the retail price of gold and workmanship.

Retail Gold Price

FGJAM price“Retail Gold Price” in summary is market price of gold – a price which includes overheads.

Salesmen need commissions, landlords want rents, security guards require bullets, lights run on electricity and a long list of other expenses. All these are compiled by FGJAM, which then published as “Retail Gold Price” on a weekly basis.


It is the price you pay for the time, effort and skill spent on creating a piece of jewelry.  It varies from one jewelry to another jewelry. The more complex a jewelry is, the more expensive the “Workmanship” is.

In general, you can bargain on the “Workmanship” price but not the “Retail Gold Price”. FGJAM prohibits discounting on “Retail Gold Price” – a rule which is agreed by all its members.
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Mar’s High Premium and Wide Spread Gap

Back in November 2011, I reviewed’s above spot premium as well as their buyback spread. Just recently, I had an conversation with a reader of mine and we touched the topic of I had a rude shock when I realized the premium and spread for has widen – in a big way!

Today, we are going to pay a revisit. Armed with my faithful calculator, we are going to revised our previous calculation on’s pricing. At current point of writing, the international spot price for silver is USD$34.78.

Back to November 2011: Premium Above Spot - Silver Product Screen Capture
^ Screen capture from on 26th Nov 2011

Refering back to the previous screen capture I made in 26th November, let us calculate the premium above spot back then.

# Product Price Spot Price Difference Above Spot %
1. PAMP SUISSE 999 4,060.13 3,250.00 1,183.25 24.92%
2. TWIN TOWER 999 1,242.90 1,010.75 232.15 22.96%

Premium above spot in between 22% – 25% is acceptable.

Forward to March 2012 – Current Premium Above Spot - Silver Product Screen Capture
^ Screen captured from on 3rd March 2012

# Product Price Spot Price Difference Above Spot %
1. PAMP SUISSE 999 4,583.25 3,400.00 1,183.25 34.80%
2. TWIN TOWER 999 1,457.07 1,057.40 399.67 37.80%

Considering Malaysia does not have import tax on silver bars, there is no reason for such high premium. Bare in mind that we are dealing with decent weight here (10oz and 1kg), not silver bars of one ouncers.

I would give it for PAMP Suisse as it is always known as the Rolls Royce of silver bars but 37.80% above spot price for TWIN TOWER silver bars? Really?
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Gold Silver Resources ( VS Publicgold VS

Here is an interesting development in our local scene lately. We have a new comer in providing locally branded silver by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd. is by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia
^ is by Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia – Screen captured on 11-Feb-2012

Gold Silver Resources’ Background

Gold Silver Resources Sdn Bhd is a privately held company founded on 16 November 2011 and headquartered in Shah Alam. GSR is the initial for the company and just like how Tomei did it, they appended “” for their web address to make it truly Malaysian. With that, we have They product offering includes silver bars, silver rounds and gold jewelry.

Bunga Raya Malaysia and Harimau Malaya 1oz silver bar by
^ Truly Malaysian – The Bunga Raya Malaysia and Harimau Malaya 1oz Silver Bar by

GSR took the extra effort in making silver bars with local appearance. Currently, they have silver bars with Bunga Raya and Harimau Malaya emblem. They are scheduled to have Rhinoceros Hornbill and Dragon 1oz silver coins by sometime in February. Looks like GSR is also herding on the Dragon boat for 2012! Apart from that, they also have silver bars with various weight from 100 gram to 1 kilogram.

GSR’s Spot Price and Spread check!

Let’s do a quick calculation on GSR’s spot price and spread. At the time of writing, the silver spot price is USD33.59/ozt which is approximately RM102.90/ozt.
[


How much is’s Silver?

To know the answer, we will need to examine silver pricing above spot. Calculating the above spot price for is as easy as UPSR’s mathematics. It is simple mainly because all your needed ingredients are clearly visible from website.

Calculate's margin
^ Information captured from’s website on 30th Nov 2011 4:15am

Let’s do a quick calculation on’s silver price. Bring out your Einstein thinking cap. We are going back to class.
[


Tomei brings in

Tomei recently launched to sell investment grade gold and silver bullion online. This is something exciting to silver investors in Malaysia!
^ Screen capture from’s mainpage on 26th Nov 2011

Currently, they offer gold and silver bullion from PAMP Sussie and their own house brand Twin Tower. It is stated in their website that they will be offering Canadian Maples and Perth Mint Kangaroos too.
[

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