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Fujifilm developing Silver Touch Screen

We are moving towards a new world of touch screen. Fujifilm, a name which does not require any further introduction is now venturing into producing silver based touch screen for computers. Apples has been marketing devices with touch screen feature since 2007. PC makers such as DELL, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and ACERS are joining the bandwagon now with the recent introduction of Windows 8.

^ Fujifilm production facility in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Currently, touch screen relies on indium tin oxide, a costly rare material mined as a Zinc by-product. Silver poised a good possibility as a replacement. With years of experience in dealing with silver photographic film technology, Fujifilm are now all out to harnesh the new potential of silver. Fujifilm hopes to use its long history with silver to bring down the cost of these displays and grab a piece of the quickly expanding touch screen market.

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