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Gold and Silver Spot Price Calculator

A few days back, I decided to write my own calculator that calculates margins for Gold and Silver. I hit my key board hard, coding like how I used to code 10 years ago.

With that, tailor-made for Malaysian, exclusively from – The ISM Gold/Silver Spot Calculator!

Silver Spot Price Calculator

How to use ISM Gold/Silver Spot Calculator

I have designed the calculator to be as simple as possible. You will need to fill in the current spot price – be it Gold or Silver, current MYR exchange rate with USD, retail price and the weight of purchase. As simple as that! You can also key in other cost if you like to have it included in the calculation.

The calculator is currently located on’s right panel. You should be able to see it big and clear.
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How Much is PublicGold’s Silver Spot Price?

I have been asked this question many times over dining table. Today we will look into how to calculate PublicGold’s spot price for their Silver bar product.

^ Prices published by Publicgold on 07/10/2011

We will take 250 grams as example. The steps to calculate PublicGold’s silver spot price are as followed:

Step 1: Calculate Silver Spot Price in Ringgit Malaysia

At current time of writing, the price is USD $31.95/oz. PublicGold’s US dollar exchange rate is 3. Therefore, USD $31.95 x 3.0 = RM95.85/oz
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Ounce, Troy Ounce, Gram, Dinar, Dirham and Tael?

Unit of MassWhen investing in Precious Metals, you will notice that unlike shares, it is measured in weight. Common terms are ounces and grams but do you know the different between ounce and troy ounce? If you happened to be in Kelantan, you will see gold or silver measured in dinar and dirham.

So, what are they?

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