The Academy is now The Materion

The Academy name is now officially retired. It is replaced with a new name, The Materion.

Materion investment bars
^ Screen capture from Materion site on Silver Investment Bars, 8th March 2012

From the screen capture above, you can clearly sees the signature Academy silver bars in the picture. We will be seeing Materion logo next, replacing the Academy’s name.

Materion is an international corporation which offices around the globe and is traded in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the counter code, MTRN.

About Materion Advanced Chemicals

Materion Advanced Chemicals is a premier supplier of specialty inorganic chemicals for use in PVD thin film coatings and emerging technologies and advanced chemical processing. Our product portfolio spans the entire periodic table, and we have a passion about how we serve our customers. We are a diverse group of scientists, engineers and technologists who are committed to being our customers’ First Choice as a supplier, and a partner from product development to delivery.

With a rich history as CERAC and the Academy Corporation, Materion Advanced Chemicals continues to provide the industry’s highest quality specialty inorganic materials. We offer unparalleled levels of integrated products, services and technical support. Our reputation and our brand are built upon three basic tenets: Smarter Solutions, Simpler Support and Stronger Relationships.


Silver bars are manufactured under Materion Microelectronics and Services. It is interesting to know that Materion recycle portion of their silver from photographic and film. You can read more about it here: http://materion.com/Services/RefiningandRecycling/PhotoSilver.aspx

New Materion replacing Academy Hand Poured Silver Bar
^ The Academy “Chunky” bar is replaced by Materion “Chunky” bar

Scottsdale Silver’s “Stacker” series are manufactured by Academy. You will start to notice that each bars will have “Manufactured by Materion” crafted at the back of each bars instead of the previous “Manufactured by Academy”.

Also, the previous Academy “Chunky” is now a collector’s silver bar. It is now replaced by Materion “Chunky” bar. Same style, look and feel that the original Academy had — but with the 2012 Logo of the new company name: Materion.

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