Transformers Silver Coins has landed in Malaysia

TransformersIf you are a fan of Transformers, you might be interested in these. Yes, not only does dark moon has Transformers, Perth Mint Australia has them too! You can order them directly at Perth Mint’s website.

It cost AUD$299 to buy them today. Convert that to with today’s rate against Australian dollar of 3.25, it’s about RM971.75. You can have them directly shipped to your Malaysian address but it’s subject to 5% import and 10% sales tax (approx RM145.76). With that, your total cost rounds up to RM1,117.5. That’s about RM372.5 for one piece of Optimus Prime coin.

To make profit out from it, you have to look for another Transformers diehard fan to buy it from you. Otherwise, you might have to sell it at silver’s market price. Transformers are now done with their 3rd installment and Megatron is dead. If they happens to make another 3 more movies out from it, you probably make some gain. If Michael Bay decided not continue the saga, I reckon that the prospects are slim even though Perth Mint only make 5,000 of them for each design.

For a quick comparison, 1 oz of American Eagle is about RM160 today while 1 oz of Sunshine silver bar is probably around RM140. So, for each Transformers coin you buy, the same amount of money buys you 2.32 oz of American Eagle or 2.66 oz of Sunshine.

In short, they are collectors’ coins. You are paying for the collectors value rather than the metal value. Buy them only if you really like Transformers, period.

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