UOB: Sorry, Gold Coins are Out of Stock

I went to UOB at Jalan Raja Laut around lunch time today to do my regular Ounce Cost Averaging on Gold. I usually buy gold bullion at beginning of the month. I took my queue ticket and patiently waited for my turn.

When my turn was up, I walked to the counter and said to the banker, “I would like to buy gold bullion coin”.

I got a shocking reply.

“Sorry, all gold bullion coins are out of stock.”

Out of Stock!
^ Screen captured from UOB website at 5pm today

I was like, “What?”

“Yes. Out of stock.”

“When is the next batch of stock coming in?”

“No idea. But we have ordered since a month back.”

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  • Ah POrt
    March 18th, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    It was REAL fun at UOB on last year ! ^^

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